136 Heber Ave, #207

Escape Room Park City

Book Miner's Trap

Back From the Future

You and others have been selected for an experiment to go into the future and perform duties to bring back with you. Something has gone wrong with your vessel and you need to figure out how to get back from the future. 

The Parlor

​You have just gotten notice that a great uncle, that you didn't even know you had, has put you in his will. When you attend the reading of the will you find out that he has invited all of his relatives to compete for a chance at his inheritance. Your group decides to work together to figure out his games and puzzles in his interesting parlor. 

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The Rooms Escape Room Park City


Escape if you can...

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Google Review:
"This was our first escape room and it was a BLAST! The mine trap room was beautifully designed and the clues were challenging but solvable. I highly recommend this for anyone in the area." Christina Cottrell

You are enjoying a historic mining tour in Park City, Utah when all of a sudden something goes awry. You realize that you and your group are trapped and you must work together to find your way out and they have just let you know that you only have an hour left of air. 

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