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Designed for adults, but fun for all ages 

Our most recent room and there is a lot to do. Seasoned escape room players will be challenged !

This room is very 'puzzle' heavy and has it all . . . treasure, pirates, games, puzzles and cannon balls, don't forget the cannon balls !

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Forbes Travel Guide
"...head to the recently opened Escape Room Park City for an experience you won’t forget. Owners Shirin and Dirk Spangenberg have concocted an engrossing storyline centered around a collapsed silver mine."

​A great room for newbies and smaller groups of seasoned veterans. This super fun room has a lot of iconic escape room puzzles, but don't think it's easy! 

Designed for adults, NOT recommended for younger players

Players: 4 - 8
Game Length: 70 min

​Cost per Person: $36 plus tax  

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PLEASE NOTE: We can not offer refunds due to Covid.

None of our rooms are scary or have live actors. They are FUN FUN FUN !

Can you Escape?

While you're in Park City, enjoy the Original Historical Walking Tour with a culinary twist​​!

Park City Food Tours

You've been captured and are now indentured servants ! Can you find the treasure and sail your way to freedom before making your servitude permanent ?

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Designed for adults, but fun for all ages

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A  Fan Favorite! This whodunit is sure to please all escapees. A perfect combination of physical   and observational puzzles, this room WILL keep you busy! 

Escape Room Park City, Utah

All our escape rooms are original,
independently created, one-of-a-kind experiences!


You are taking a tour of a historic silver mine, when suddenly your tour is interrupted. There has been a collapse and you are trapped in the mine. Can you escape before your air runs out?

Phil, a retired travel agent, has converted his old office into a game room. Can you find the clues and solve the puzzles to locate where in the world he is and escape before your time runs out?

Players: 3 - 6
Game Length: 70 min

​Cost per Person: $36 plus tax 

Google Review:

"The "Mine Trap" Room is a masterpiece both aesthetically and the puzzle quality."

MacKenzie Skye

Our Signature room. Seasoned escape room players put this room at the top of their list. There is a clue for everyone.

Everyone loves this room, 

and you will too!

Travel Room is Closed for Now

Great room for adults/ teens

Your long-lost uncle Rusty has been murdered and YOU are being framed for it!  Can you find the clues and piece together the evidence to find out who the real killer is to exonerate yourself before the police arrive?

Players: 4 - 10
Game Length: 70 min

​Cost per Person: $38 plus tax