Your first puzzle is to find the room!

Escape Room Park City

in the Gateway Center

136 Heber Ave. #207,

Park City, UT 84060


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
Escape Room Park City is an adventure game with interactive puzzles where you and your team use wits, problem-solving, and teamwork to find clues, solve challenges, and escape the room. Most of all you will have fun!

Are you part of a chain, or a franchise?
Nope! We are literally a mom-and-pop operation, with every room dreamed up and designed by the owners.

Claustrophobic? Not a problem
If you are able to visit a doctor's office, you will be fine in our Escape Rooms. None of our rooms have confined spaces and ceiling heights are normal. Once you are in the room the focus is on the puzzles and games. You will become so engaged with the fun you will not even notice that you are in a room at all. And, you are never really "locked in”.

Is it true that the games are challenging?
Yes, it's true, but it wouldn't be fun if they weren't. Game Masters help you through the room offering clues so that you don't get too frustrated. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you have a good time. 

Can children play?
Families have an amazing time! Children are welcome but may be distracting to other players, so please indicate their ages on your reservation. Children 18 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in any of our rooms. Our insurance requires it. You can also call us at 435-604-0556 if you have any questions
We strongly encourage parents to play the room with their kids - why let them have all the fun? For an additional fee, we can provide a Game Master to play the room with kids-only groups to help increase their experience. The fee is $35. Please indicate on your reservation the number and age of children in your group. If you would like a Game Master to play with your children, give us a call at 435-604-0556.

Do you sell gift certificates?
We do! To purchase a gift certificate, call 435-604-0556. Gift certificates can be for any amount, and are emailed to you.

How long does it take?
We have designed the escape experiences to last beyond the escape itself, so plan on being with us a little longer than the room time states. For 70-minute escapes, plan on being with us for 90 minutes. For 60-minute escapes, plan on being with us for 75 minutes. We do our best to start the game right on time so please make sure to plan ahead for parking and getting to the room.

How do I sign up?
You can either call us at 435-604-0556 or book online here!

How many can be in our group?
The Mine Trap room plays best for teams of 6-10 adults and kids; the Travel Room plays best for teams of 4-6, our Parlor plays best for teams of 4 to 6 players and the Pirate Booty is best for 4-8. However, smaller teams can also do great and you do need at least two people to play any room. If you would like to book a team of more than 10, please call us at 435-604-0556. Please note that in order to play with less than 4 people you may have to pay for the minimum amount of people.

What if we only have 2 players?
Two players can have a great time in our rooms! Please keep in mind that it may be difficult. We want you to have a great time so our game masters will help when needed.
In order for two people to play you must pay the minimum per room. If you are flexible with your time, we do have a workaround. The booking goes offline one hour before the start time. If you would like to call to see if it's available (or if we have enough staff) you may be able to pay the per-person pricing.
Please keep in mind that either option does not guarantee that your party will have the room to themselves.

Do you really lock people in?
Nope! While commonly called "escape rooms," we don't actually lock anyone in. The door you enter is always unlocked, and you can walk out at any time.

Do you host corporate or special events?
Sure do! We are a great and unique option for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, and more! If you would like to customize your experience, call us at 435-604-0556 and we can make your special day spectacular! We can also recommend restaurants that are nearby, so please call for more info 435-604-0556.

How do I get to the escape room?
There is parking all around us. It is a bit confusing but there is a parking garage and uncovered lots. Please pay attention to the signage as Park City is consistently trying to improve parking. 
Park City buses are still free and drop-off at the main terminal is right across the street. From there, we are at the Gateway Center, on the corner of Swede Alley and Heber Avenue, on the second floor, above Handle restaurant. Take the elevator up and keep an eye out for our sign.

What else should I keep in mind?
Please remember, drinking and thinking can be dangerous. You want a clear mind to play this game. We reserve the right to eject anyone who we feel may be a danger to themselves or others without a refund.

Why don’t you offer refunds?
Staff is hard to come by these days. (Are you looking for a fun job?) We schedule our staff according to bookings so cancellations are hard for us. We do try to accommodate as much as possible, but we need time to do so. Please be aware there will be change-of-room fees, if you can’t make your scheduled appointment.

Where can I find the solution for your handcrafted puzzles?
Email us at if you've bought one of our games or puzzles and want to see the solution.

The front of our home, the Gateway Center.

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136 Heber Ave, #207, Park City

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Escape Room Park City, Utah

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