Escape Room Park City

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Back by popular demand...

Dr. Jean Mutation is obsessed with living forever, and she's reported some major breakthroughs in her experiments lately. But there have also been reports of weird things going on down at her warehouse. We've just found out what she's really done is create a horrible monster that's able to infect others.

 We haven’t seen the Doctor since the last delivery of Type O negative blood, and the manager who went down to check on the shipment has mysteriously disappeared too.

We suspect the manager has been infected. According to notes the Doctor has left behind, it takes about an hour for a human to fully transform into a monster. Now it's YOUR job to stop that transformation or we might lose humanity forever. The human race is depending on you.

Scary INFECTED room can be scary. Let us know when you make your reservation if you have children under the age of 13, or if anyone in your party is prone to goose bumps or fainting from fright. We can introduce them to the room beforehand to reduce the scare factor. Not recommended for kids 6 and younger due to scary content.

# of Players: 2 - 10
Level:  Moderate
Escape Time: 60 min.

Houdini Cleverness Scale: three handcuffs out of five
Scare Level: Medium