Escape Room Park City, Utah

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Pirate Escape

Is this room right for my group? 

This room has a lot of puzzles, great room to get you thinking and having fun. Highly recommended for those that have done rooms before. Kids have a great time in this room because there is a lot to do. Some puzzles are challenging, but there is enough for everyone to play. The room itself is very cool and entertaining with lots of fun elements. 

Difficulty Level

This room has a lot of challenging aspects to it. If you like puzzles you will like this room. There is a game master that will help you out along the way if needed so any level can play. Please keep in mind if you start getting behind on time we will help you get back on track. 

What's the theme? 

Aye Matey's, you've been kidnapped and have now become an indentured servant. The Queen, (or King as the case may be), will give you your freedom, but you must find all of the treasure aboard the ship and sail it back to the queen's island. 

# of Players: 2 - 8 
Optimum # Players: 6 - 8
Level:  More Difficult
Escape Time: 70 min.
Houdini Cleverness Scale:
5/5 Handcuffs
Family/Kid Friendliness: Kids and Adults alike love this room! See box info for more details on bringing kids.
Rating on TripAdvisor, Yelp Facebook and Google: 5 Stars