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Hey Escape Room Fans!    We are working on this program

What have you been doing with your quarantine time? Binging every episode of that crazy reality show you'd swore you'd never watch? Cutting your own hair with a butcher knife? While you've been coming up with your own clever time passing techniques, we here at Escape Room Park City have been hard at work coming up with a myriad of clues and puzzles for our new experience…

                         Space Rescue

We are very close to having this done, (I keep saying that, but this time I think it's true). We have a lot of fun games in this packet that I think you will love. Just need to polish it up and get it ready to ship. Hoping for February of 2021. Email if you want to be put on the waiting list. 

The Detective Series!!

An at-home game designed to be played by anyone, this enigmatic set of mind bending puzzles replicates the excitement of the escape room experience. Grab your family and friends and have a blast solving the case of Mr. Big, one of Park City’s most notorious (fictional) bad guys. You’ll need to work together to solve puzzles of all types and difficulties, meaning that even the most inexperienced puzzlers will still have a blast!

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but we firmly believe that you’ll have just as much fun playing these games as we’ve had making them. Plus, this isn’t just a one time deal either! We’re planning on sending out new packets every couple of weeks, so you can expect to keep the mysteries and good times rolling. We’re really looking forward to sending these case files out, and we know you’ll enjoy seeing what this experience is all about.

Escape Room Park City

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