Escape Room Park City, Utah

All our escape rooms are original,
independently created, one-of-a-kind experiences!


How we protect you from viruses & bacteria:

Escape Room Park City protects your heath by:

- Spraying a disinfectant spray in the rooms

- Wiping down the handheld items with disinfectants 

- Providing hand sanitizer in each room

- Having hand sanitizer in the lobby for use

- Provide tissues in the lobby for use

- Ensuring employees are wearing masks and gloves

- Removing lobby furniture to reduce touched items 

What you can do:

- Stay home if you are sick

- wash your hands, including back of hands, frequently

- bring gloves and masks

- cough and sneeze into elbow or tissue

- use hand sanitizer 

- stay hydrated

- eat well

- if at high risk order our at home Detective Series!


These are unprecedented times. We are open, but we have a lot of restrictions. We feel confident that our rooms are clean, but please make sure to take care of yourselves. 

Thank you, everyone here at Escape Room Park City!